New people can’t learn firefight in 2 rounds or less

I have over 250 hours, I’ve been playing since the closed alpha. I know the maps and if I’m queued with my friends it’s easy to roll the other team because of our experience.

People either load in late to miss the first spawn, or load in once the game has started (that’s how your match making system works.

If they miss the first round then they get 1 round on security, now it’s 2-0 swap side. 1 round on insurgents, now it’s 3-0 and I’m kicking you back to the lobby.

How do you expect new people to learn firefight maps when on average most people get 1 round per side?

You also need to limit the firefight servers to 16 (half of 32 for mm purposes) this will allow firefight to be played more tactically, instead of having people on every square inch of the map.



They reduced the rounds because they have issues with players leaving and matchmaking not replenishing resulting in very unbalanced teams.