Bot aim

The bot aim as of now is just terrible. It's impossible to have fun anymore.

In my experience 90% of the time bots kill with either a headshot or a precision grenade/molly strike that puts laser guided bombs to shame. This headshot bug is there when you're running towards a corner and suddenly a bot appears and immediately shoots you with incredible precision in the head, or it can also appear when you're moving towards the objective, then suddenly a wild bot appears 600 meters away and kills you with a headshot with their ironsighted, dusty, cold war era AK.
It feels incredibly weird since sometimes they are so inaccurate with their gun, that they can't hit you from 5 meters.
Now this might feel like I'm contradicting myself, but if you look at the big picture what we have is either a headshot kill / a bot incapable of shooting at someone 2 meters in front of him.
It almost feels like russian roulette where your only options are miss / headshot.

Seriously this needs a rework, because as of this moment this is not enjoyable.
In the old Insurgency, especially when I had a team that moved tactically I could finish the mission without dying once (obviously it was very hard and kind of rare), now I always have this (at least) one bot that just headshots me, throws a precision molotov in my face from behind a wall, although realistically this happens at least 3 times in one game.

Bot experiences for me have been weird. One moment im in front of one and we just stand there, me struggling to melee but restricted area, and them probably laughing in their little artificial minds, over to them seeing clearly through edges of smoke or as soon as it clears, or perfectly through trees and shrubbage.
That and their reaction time is weird half the time, but that could also be the third person look angle bug where they snap around, but still firing at you.

@sgt-kanyo I know what you mean.

It seems that bot's have only one kind of setting for zeroing in, that is used in all ranges. This leads to the behaviour that sometimes bots are close to you and just shoot around you for a long time without hitting. This can also lead to surprisingly accurate fire when the bots shoot farther than the range on which the bots zeroing in time was optimized for.

I think the bots should have different settings for different ranges:

  1. Faster zeroing in and smaller aim offset on very short ranges (below 50 meters?), to ensure they are able to hit you when close by, like you would expect them to hit you

  2. Slower zeroing in for long ranges, so they really miss you a lot when firing from long range (+ 125 metres?)

  3. Something in between for the range 50-125 metres.

For COOP it would probably be a good idea to disable bots aiming for the head (except snipers-class bots?).

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It also feels like that there's absolutely no way you can surprise these bots. I have never had the chance to melee a bot since it always noticed me almost instantly, even when I'm behind it.
There was this one time when they were shooting at friendlies, so I tried flanking them and I was literally 90° from the bot's perspective, but it instantly noticed me and started firing at me instead.

This is not AI related, it's more like an animation issue, but I've also noticed that bots sometimes shoot at a different direction and yet the bullets hit me / next to me. Sometimes even without muzzle flashes. This is quite annoying when it's already hard to make out where bots are shooting from.