Reviews on Steam!

The reviews are "Very positive", but as every people complaining are complaining about performance, if the games was a bit more optimized the reviews would be "Overwhelmingly positive" and the game could be the greater success of this year!

That's right. I hope they are still working on it...
I found competitive matches have great performance, and I'm loving them. But the performance suffers too much in casual games, when there are many players in the match. The CPU bottlenecks because of the high amount of players.

Anyways, having good performance in competitive games is enough for me. I'm really enjoying them.

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@shadoware This game is not getting as good of reviews as you may think. It received 92% positive reviews the day of the release, but as more people who weren't as involved in the beta began playing it, the reviews began to really drop. Currently it is down to 81%. From what I see, performance and stuttering is by far the number one reason for this. Here are the reviews for each day since release:

Dec. 12th: 92%
Dec. 13th: 85%
Dec. 14th: 74%
Dec. 15th: 71%
Dec. 16th: 69%
Dec. 17th: 76%
Dec.18th: 68%