grass sounds like someone is following you

i just can't seem to adjust to hearing the grass sound behind me all the time.

it always sounds like i'm being followed or like there's someone right on the other side of a wall.

it's like the sound is delayed somehow, i can't explain.

anyone else feels the same?

indeed, it does. i did have that too XD

Yeah man, I notice that too lol. I actually prefire behind me then realize no one is there!

Can confirm that too and i find it very disturbing and unnatural !

The sound clips go for like a second or two, which is overdramatic for the ankle-high grass you're in.
What could be a way NWI could fix it is to have a looping sound dependant on your movement (silenced/off when not moving) Alternatively just have shorter audio clips that play more frequently.

I checked behind me so many times.

Happened to me as well 😃

I agree with this....when I walk through grass I am constantly looking behind me expecting to get shot when I hear my own footsteps.

100% this, every time I walk through grass. Absolutely messes with your awareness when sneaking through grass (not to mention that it seems like the grass is still super loud even when you're sneaking).

There is either a delay in the audio or they need to make the grass sounds much quieter and last much shorter.

Same here. 7.1 headphones, or 2.1 speakers and regardless of audio choices I get this strange following sensation.