Urgent! Deaths caused by bazooka or grenade launcher are being counted in "Kills us drive" and not in K: D.

Developers, statistics on "kills" by laucher granedes and bazookas are not counted in K: D, but rather are counted in the "Kill us Drive". This is hurting my stats a lot, because my K: D is scoring 1.06, when it was to be 1.96.

The proof of this is that in stats by weapon I have 1h50 with at4 (bazooka security) and no kill computed by it. Without quoting the hours with the other bazookas and launcher granedes.

In the part of "Kills us drive" it is marking that I have 314, being that I have less than 1km traveled with the car. I've done tests and all death caused by demolition class explosives is being counted in "Kills us drive."

Please, I humbly ask you to Let's check it out. Statisticians for me are really important. I do not want to have my K: D impaired.

Forgive me for my poor English. I'm still learning.

Thank you and congratulations for the amazing game you are giving us.

The stats are not reliable. Some aren't being tracked, some aren't tracked correctly, and some might be accurate but I still wouldn't trust it.

@kraeyq Yes! It really seems like the statistics system is not working properly.

I'd love to see someone responsible for NW's technical support provide feedback on the issues, like what I'm reporting here. It seems to me that the developers have been quite absent since launch.