Leaning system not smooth enough?.... Possible Suggestion....


First of all i'm loving this game, I'm more of a casual/competitive player and the game really scratches that itch. What I will say is just a suggestion.

I'm finding that leaning feels quiet jumpy, when you try to tap A,W,D,S for a split second.
It feels like every time I move 1cm while leaning my character goes to a slight lean instead of staying in full lean. It gets annoying most of the times, and I wouldn't say it is a smooth system especially while I'm in a 1v1 fight.
It breaks my focus and throws me off.

My recommendation
What I recommend is if I move a little while leaning the character stays in full lean, however if I move a lot than the character goes into half a lean. There should be some delay is what I mean before it goes to half lean (while moving). That would eliminate that constant jerky movement while I can stay focused in a fight.

Just my idea. Thanks for reading!

+1 for this! It would be nice to see this happen, the current lean system is really weird as you mentioned.