i was banned during early access

i was banned during early access and have been communicating on twitter with a dev and sent an appeal to EAC.
the replay id is 6303670e-f62b-4c9d-b914-4c4de8080b40 the steam community thread here https://steamcommunity.com/app/581320/discussions/0/1743353798895620065/?ctp=7 where we were discussing reasons as my account is pretty old an has alot of games attached but while reviewing the replay i found one hacker ironically his name was speed and it had some weird characters in his name possibly chinese im all for cheat detection as ive had my heartbroken with games having a lack of however please review my replay as youll see i wasnt wallhacking as a dev said thats what my ban was for.

Also John Higgins and I had an exchange on Twitter were he said I was banned for wallhacking on top of the kid in my game obviously hacking of one would actually show support an view the replay you have a bug in game that causes that effect https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/33780/bug-built-in-wallhack-in-game could someone please review as I'm in the middle of getting a post ready to cross post and tell everyone what a great consumer experience this has been from the tos being broken and you having to "hotfix" to the wall hack bug and me being banned while the actual in game cheater is playing as I type this it has been two weeks you have my money either live up to your word and deliver or give me my money back it's that simple I tried to be rational and nice.

Hi there,

I'm investigating this now.

awsome sauce and very much appreciated

@iyagovos no doubt your busy with the holidays hope ya had a good one just wanna stay in your thoughts hahaha happy new years

Is there somebody from NWI looking at this? I mean, if it is an unfair ban and its not been solved for 2 months it seems like either they actually did cat you cheating ( I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume not since... well, you're posting it here...) or there is a HUGE issue because someone was unfairly banned on a game they purchased with their hard earned money, and THIS would be a game breaking problem that will lead to the game dying ultimately.

Hey @snakelegionnaire
I think EAC has to take a look at this directly. You can contact them directly through this form : https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/sandstorm/contact/appeal/
They will revert the ban once verified. Please feel free to give them all the informations you also got about this cheater.

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@raibi jon higgins said he would check into it as a matter of fact all the "support" on any forum has EAC as jon higgins confirmed isnt gonna do shit really its been months time to either refund me or do your job or seeing as terms of agreement are mutual and how it took steam coming down on your company over the no access to offline features even tho for two weeks i tried getting "support" to no avail then you hotfix it later to save face i will be taking legal action i have messages on twitter from focus from the sandstorm page and devs individual accounts what you did was steal 30 dollars and then tarnish a 11 year account with zero bans or reports when you had the wallhack in your fucking game when you turned the sliders down i never did that i provided replay i d and the name of the actuall hacker who had been reported multiple times and it took two months for you all to copy and paste that bullshit have a actual person with common sense and integrity call me as your dev especially higgins isnt ill be twitter blasting this whole experience as ive started compiling a video of the whole experience your a fucking joke id be more worried about scrubbing the address of the internet before i file the suit and it wont just be over 30 dollars it will be for the damage to a steam account ive put thousands into furthermore before anyone believe this is a threat ive been patiently checking this forum for a while try me

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@snakelegionnaire i have contacted nwi jon higgins on twitter eac via email and twitter and focus this is legit the same responses everytime just a copy paste from eac webpage who if anyone recalls what a fuck up they did with fortnite they will send you an automated message everytime you appeal one minute on google will show you there are millions of threads especially on focus forums zero customer support just another publisher grabbing all the money and doing as they please i was nice for long enough now im pissed
-lemme screenshot this forum be for it too is locked or deleted

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@iyagovos Great investigation bub lmao you guys investigated and found "I think EAC has to take a look at this directly. You can contact them directly through this form : https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/sandstorm/contact/appeal/" and the part where raibi says "They will revert the ban once verified" you would think a community manager would know part of the product he reps check the EAC page and read how they handle appeals i could be waiting until the next game comes out hahaha

Also I apologize for the wall of damning text but at this point can you blame me

Hey @cheesuscrust42 !
Sorry for the inconvenience. Nevertheless, EAC is in charge of that. That's why I tried to redirect you directly toward them as they are the ones able to pinpoint and clearly identify what is going on and reverse the whole banning process.
You can check out our community guidelines on Easy Anti-Cheat available here.
EAC answer as soon as possible (according to them, general response time is usually 3 to 14 days).

General response is a automated message like everyone is telling you lmao there is no review that actually takes place at least review that smh like I said "support" 2 months and you send put the same garbage I first received https://twitter.com/RgMgfprick/status/1087822243550412802?s=19

6 months still zero response from eac or a dev or support team multiple times I provided a replay id and everything but here it is again

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@cheesuscrust42 Jesus Christ, that's horrible. The OP is in December and you're still banned? Wtf?

And all I've gotten was the copy paste from the EAC from the mods here and on steam I've provided a replay i.d. and everything they have consistently ignored every request I had and interaction with John Higgins he gave me his word and didnt keep it EAC is a piece of work you can search any forum for any game they are used by and the same shit they give an automated response and that's it. the damage to my steam account which I've spent thousands on! when are the devs accountability in question? like it was early access and I provided video evidence and a replay i.d. expect reprecussions focus you damaged an account that someone has dropped thousands on and I can provide solid proof unlike you or EAC that you broke steam policy EAC has not held there word and you have damaged personal property this is your final notice and yes I have the money to buy copies but I refuse I did nothing wrong you did and I will bring in the Twitter exchanges including the one where Higgins himself admits something is wrong and this entire forum post I'm done

Hello @cheesuscrust42,

We're sorry for that. I'll send this again to NWI to see what happened.