Ranked progressions broken

I'm not sure what the issue is, game runs fine for me - but my one issue is that I got placed in silver and havent been able to prgress not because of a lack of wins but because I dont gain or lose comp exp based off of wins/losses, k/d, or anything else for that matter.

Hope someone can help, thanks.

Ranking is a bit weird right now. We should be able to see our progression.

I won 8 out of 10 placements, most of the games I had the highest score, and I was placed in Silver. After winning like 10 games and only losing 1 I reached Gold. Right now, I have played a lot of games as Gold. Probably around 16 wins and only 3 losed games. Feels bad not being able to know how much points you are earning, and I hope they take personal performance into account (not only if you win the match).

Yeah I finally, don't know why it took so long - got to gold. Though my competitive stats on my profile are still showing all zeroes as if I have no play time. Odd...but still enjoying the shit out of the game so I can't complain too much!

@NoZee The comp tracking is combined with the versus category.

@TallsFalls As much as I would like to say that you need to track and give out points based on personal performance, that does not make sense when the entire point of the competitive game is to win rounds and hopefully the game. This may involve putting players in positions that may see less score or whatever the biases is for tracking personal performance.

One of the developers, Mikey I think, said that they don't want to reveal how the rank points are calculated to avoid people exploiting it. This leads me to believe that your K/D ratio is taken into account at least somewhat.

I hope they can fix this bug, seems like it's affecting everyone.

Progression is working, at least for me. I made it through Silver (December 15) to Diamond (today, December 22), which, in fact, maybe is a bit too fast (I had like +80% winrate and I've played only rankeds for 20 hours, maybe it's enough).

The new patch adds 4 tiers for each rank, which helps tracking your progression. BUT competitive statistics still don't work (all the stats are 0), please fix that!