Big ships & speed

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Opening thoughts - Love the beta game! Really did. The campaign looks like it will be Epic!

Very glad they didn’t mess about with the base mechanics of the game like what happened with DOW3. Never forget, never forgive. feedback and an idea that came off the top of my head having played the beta a lot but also having gone back to BGA1 again since.

Shouldn't the really big ships for factions like IG/SM/tau/Chaos have the slow acceleration they currently have, BUT have a higher top speed due to their larger engines?

The idea an escort ship can outrun a capital ship over a short distance - fine. However surely in void warfare where the weight and size of a ship mean nothing in terms of drag or resistance that a capital ship with bloody huge engines will hit much higher speeds compared to the smaller vessels once they gain momentum.

So ships of Battle Cruisers / Ship level would have the same sort of slow acceleration they have now but in a straight line if uninterrupted they can build up to a speed that is faster than their smaller brethren. Meaning the big boys can catch up or run away from engagements to a certain extent, giving them a slight improved field presence variability that i think would help counter some of the OP new factions. For example it could be possible counter to the OP nids who as an organic fleet wouldn't have this as they dont use engines. Or it would put them on some kind of footing against the Eldar/Aldari who in my opinion were way to quick in the Beta
This trait in itself would / should mean;

A) Slower turning arc for that ship when at that higher speed, so a loss of manoeuvrability.
😎 A loss of accuracy when firing
C) No ship to ship boarding, however teleporting still would work but a maybe a lower success percentage.
D) Not being able to use certain skills, I:E Nova cannon, Ork ram, etc.
E) Higher damage for a ram, however if hitting a bigger ship than you then greater damage to you.
So a few pros and cons to the trait.
What do you think?
The coders out there are probably thinking I have no clue how game mechanics work but still, this is my thought. Discuss………….

It is ultimately a question of balance, as having the most heavily armed ships move very fast could reduce fleet variety, force cookie cutter builds or even just break the game.

Your proposals seem pretty balanced, but they seem to add quite a bit of complexity only to add a little realism into the mix. Gothic does not combine well with realism or the laws of physics anyway.

With that said who knows maybe some of the devs will like some of your ideas 😉

I'd really just like to see all ahead full reduce your turn speed significantly.

@duck_bird said in Big ships & speed:

I'd really just like to see all ahead full reduce your turn speed significantly.

it does

"OP Nids" Dunno about that one chief.

Acceleration being slower for all ships would be a good change in my opinion. It would make positioning / momentum matter more.

@mr_ledward : there are a lot of misconceptions about basic physics in your post: in a near vacuum like outer space, when you want to talk about speed, you only care about the thrust-to-mass ratio (acceleration) and how much energy reserve you have to generate / keep generating thrust. there is no conventional top speed, only the speed of light and the problem that accelerating anything with mass close to speed of light uses more and more energy up to infinite values according to our current understanding.

so your argument about larger engines having slower acceleration but higher top-speed makes no sense.

you could argue, that a larger vessel has scaling advantages, because it can use less percentage of its mass for stuff like life support and accordingly more percentage for its engines / energy storage, which would give it a better thrust-to-mass ratio / more time to use it engines than smaller ships. but the former means that it accelerates faster and the latter would need some sort of fuel system to be relevant.

to make it more complicated, BFG uses no real world physics. the void has some sort of fluid friction and enough density to let stuff swim through it. it is a fantasy setting.

from a gameplay perspective I would prefer the broadside gameplay to jousting.

@fosil not to mention if you actually were to propel ships to the speeds that they quote in the stories you would more or less be looking at the universes biggest piece of rebar.