Map sizes are big compared to last game, how about increasing player count?

Face it, the map sizes are probably similar to RS2 albeit a bit smaller, but the point I'm making here is how the maps are kinda dead and lifeless for the most part.
For giant maps like crossing and summit, you don't really see much spread out people propping up. Not only that, but the action with the giant maps kinda feel lifeless and small for the most part.

I'm wondering if NWI could increase player count to like 48 or 64 judging how the map sizes have been increased compared to the small maps in source.

@derpydays I would really like to try this as well! 🙂

Performance is probably the challenge here though.

I could understand having more people with 2 or 3 spawn points per side on a skirmish map.

But when you play push you don’t use the whole
Map at one time. Isn’t 32 players at one objective at a time enough?

Saying the map is bigger isn’t necessarily true for push when your only using 1/6th of the map at a time.

I think the people here should be more cautious when asking for bigger servers. While it may sound fun, you have to consider how this would play out. For one thing, the objectives are designed for a limited number of players. Imagine trying to take the objective with 48 players on the server. It would just be a mess- players all clustered, lots of grenade spam, and you would never be able to actually take the objective because there will always be one or two guys left. It would also be harder to move out in the open due to there being more snipers. While the previous Insurgency was very fun, the maps were pretty crammed. Having some more breathing room in this is pretty nice, and it would be a shame if NWI were to counteract that by increasing the number of players.

With that said I suppose you could have more players if you were to develope a new game mode with more objectives. More players in the game’s current state would be a mess, but it would be nice to see something that utilizes more of the maps. I do find it to be a bit disappointing that you only ever really get to play on a portion of the map.

@derpydays I think the current player counts work out. I don't want an all-out clusterfuck on Skirmish.

That being said, a game mode based around an all-out clusterfuck (like Invasion for Day of Infamy but with more players) would be badass if the servers could actually handle it.