Summit : Stuck on Hotel, Security side

Hi devs !

So I was playing solo, and tried to rocket the AI technical coming in the street. Problem is, I got stuck between the table and the wall. Here :

alt text

I couldn't find any way out. Eventually, the technical got me trhough the balcony and I died.

@grumf Bumping because it still isn't fixed.

Too bad that in a modern FPS game the tables and chairs are immovable.
Would that really eat up so much more RAM or GPU power if the devs could make them moveable ?

By the way, that would be a nice feature to be able to build some kind of barricade on stairs or other bottlenecks if we could move some furniture with our characters by just pushing against them.

@imacookie said in Summit : Stuck on Hotel, Security side:

Make them destructable?

You would need more than 1 regular magazines to destroy a table by shooting at it but yeah why not ?
Also a good idea !

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Or even simpler : remove them/place them somewhere else.