My short review, this game is a mess.

"-this game will sometimes not respawn you after destroying an objective"
This has happened to me before, I think it's related to have "W" pressed when you respawn, but I'm not sure.

"-the guns can magically lose their loaded rounds"
This happens if you cancel a reloading. The most common mistake is to start running while reloading.

"-this game needs more maps"
The developers have promised more maps in future updates.

"-this game has friendly fire which ♥♥♥♥s up the co-op badly"
It's not easy to kill a teammate, but yeah, maybe they could disable it in co-op.

The bots are such a mess.

I just played with a team of retards abusing the friendly fire. Remove the friendly fire from the game in order to make it playable.

I don't understand why this game have bots at all.