Bug: radio communication from the other team

Hello Devs,

in the game during the round the radio of the orange team was played back for all blue players.
I'm aware that you can talk to the other team between the rounds, but that one happend during a round.

@zille are you aware that you can hear the opposing team players talking if they are close to you?

Could you please provide more info ?

Was this on community server (Browse Servers) or MatchMaking server (Find Game) ?
Was this during pre-round, or during actual round ?

Are you certain it was radio or did you just hear proximity broadcast ? (As suggested by user "jensiii")

@Arc is was on the MatchMaking servers during an actual round.
The name of someone of the opposite team lit up in the left bottom corner with the team color of the opposite team as normal radio communication would.

The soundeffect was clearly radio and not nearby broadcast (non-directional)

Any chance you can find that match in your history of replays ?

In the replays is no VoIP radio...