Aiming dead zone needs to be optional

Somehow the aiming dead zone coupled with player movement in this game feels way off this time around and much more pronounced than in the previous Insurgency. This is perhaps intentional, but it has at the same time prevented me on many occasions to accurately aim at targets when not ADS'ing. As a hardcore close range shooter with fast TTK, being able to aim with high precision and consistently is very important. With a dead zone it can sometimes come down to sheer luck in some cases of who wins the shootout which makes for a frustrating experience. I am not alone to voice these opinions and therefore think we need an option to turn off or at least to dial down the effect of dead zone.

Also, the player movement feels imprecise making it hard move accurately and it doesn't even sync with the audio killing immersion. I loved the previous game and want this game to success and improve on the things the first one lacked.

I did some experimenting.

Where your shots hit while hipfiring is 100% directly based on where the barrel of your weapon is pointing including all fancy animations. There is no 'dead zone', just where your weapon is pointing.

0_1545073590819_20181217130539_1.jpg .

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