Some of the bugs i notice is:

-Sometimes loading a map will stuck on 95%-96% or 100% forever, needs restart the game.

  • I notice performance issues especially stuttering. Even with g-sync on my 144hz monitor have sttuters.
    I have a Gigabyte GTX 970 GPU with i7 5820 CPU and 32 Giga RAM. I can play only with low settings to make it playable.
    I know my GPU is old but i can run BFV in hign settings 100 - 120 FPS.
    -The compass spot is not works properly. IF you spot an enemy S sometimes in compass marked N or NE.
    -In push mode sometimes if you capture D says C.
    -Sometimes also the doors looks closed but you get through them.
    -The weapons sometimes have an extra part flying above or the pistols is higher and your hands is invisible.
    -The shotguns have very long range
    -When you wear a gas mask is like coming from nowhere to your face. The animation is not working properly.

I hope all bugs will fixed in the future updates.

@chrisk UE4 is p unoptimized it will get better over time. The door issue is when you kick down the door and it gets stuck leaning on the side. Shotguns have to be that good or they will be useless.