Fix these competitive issues.

Ok, I've been playing comp in the last few days and I realized these issues that shouldn't be in comp.

  1. You can still spectate in 3rd person giving your teammates help. It just shouldn't exist
  2. Scoreboard K/D should be disabled till end of game. Why?
    a. You can confirm your teammates kills
    b. If its not there people can't flame you directly for performing bad like in RSV2.
  3. Some cosmetics give you an advantage disabling some of them for comp would be nice. (I don't really think this is an issue, but it can in the future.)
  5. Matchmaking is terrible if you go in solo you can get matched with people way below your rank, that might be just the player base being low in population, but there needs to be a way to prevent it more.
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yeah, i remember my brother saying "i got your back, i can watch in 3rd person" and i was like wtf? 😃

Oh yeah, because toxicity definitely isn't a major issue with Overwatch ranked mode. Lack of stats in Overwatch doesn't lead to people not being toxic. It just lets you pick whoever you want to flame and there's no scoreboard to counter your claim that they're being completely useless.

I agree with points 1 and 4. Third person should be disabled, and we need a progression bar, or something similar.

I'd like to ask for some kind of feature to avoid playing the same map twice in a row. I know we don't have many maps in this game at the moment, but feels bad when you end a match and you play just the same map again in the next game.

EDIT: I don't know if you are doing this yet, but I think you should take into account individual performance in rankeds, not only if the team wins the match. I've seen people with 0 objectives and 0 kills in the end of the match who got carried. Doesn't feel fair if they get the same points as someone who has been MVP every round.

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Plus we need a way to edit our load outs before we get into a game...

Giving us a sound, countdown or something at beginning of the game so that we know the round has started would be good also. Sometimes I exit the load out screen to find my teammates are already gone, and I had no idea..

@hossfxr We need more time to edit loadouts tbh. 10 seconds is not enough sometimes.

@tallsfalls Yeah placement is based off of your score on obj and such. I don't know how much it affects ranking up. I've been plat for a few matches and I usually have the highest score maybe its not. I just don't know how the system works because there is no progression bar.

can you please for gods sake add an audio queue for when a match is ready.
my experience with competitive matchmaking has been horrible thus far. you have to accept like 10 times before a successful match., also i dont understand how you would code it do it has to reset if 10 people dont accept at the same time, there should be a pool of availiable players to fill slots?