SpinTiresMod How To Install and Discussion

Installed the v1.10.19 OK but Win10 pro will not let it launch Snowrunner.
Pop up says 'You'll need a new app to open this com.epicgames.launcher link'.
How do I stop windows from intercepting this launch action?
Interestingly the Editor launches though.


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There is a new update in steam several days ago, the current spintiresmod doesn't work.
When open a new game, will crash on the truck selection UI.
Or crash on loading when you create a new game just keep the default selection.
Would you please compile a new one?

Could someone please help me out with an issue that I haven't seen mentioned?

I installed SpinTireMod (v1.10.19) for MudRunner (v10.12.20) as instructed, Directplay is enabled and most of the new advanced options seem to be working fine. The exceptions are "disable damage" and "Radius of activity of physical objects".

Disable damage will not activate, it just unchecks itself after pressing OK. The Radius of activity settings can be changed in the menu, but it has not effect ingame and won't extend beyond the default radius.

Updated version of the mod has been released (V1.11.1). https://stmods.ru/spintires_mudrunner/materials_for_game/spintiresmod_exe_by_alexnez_for_mudrunner/

The same problems I mentioned before with disable damage and the radius of activity increase not working still exist for me...

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What the hell has happened to STM? This was an amazing, super useful tool in Spintires and one of the main reasons I enjoyed playing it as much as I did.

Mudrunner STM has just about every feature removed: No more Disabling Map Cloaking, no AlwaysLoadTrailer, no GarageUncapFuel, no HardcoreAutoLogs, no DisableSuspensionDamage, allow spawn locators(spawning/teleporting) doesn't work for any map other than the stupid proving ground. Worse yet, as of the two latest STM updates now the normal Disable Damage no longer works either...

Can someone PLEASE restore this mod back to what it use to be for Mudrunner?