Low sesolution while still full screen? Possible

Im using a laptop that has a quadro p1000 (1050) and the game runs real bad at 1080p low settings. Im getting under 20fps. In most games I lower the resolution to 720p and everything works great (BF5 I get 50-60fps), which in this game it does..except for the fact it forces you to be windowed..which is half screen. Half screen on a 15 in screen is shit. Can you play with low resolution and not play windowed? Ive played this game less then 5 minutes because its just not playable at all in either full screen low fps or 7 inch window with 40fps.

We are unable to reproduce inability to set Fullscreen with lower than native screen resolution.

However you may simply set native screen resolution and set SuperSampling to 50% which does basically the exact same thing.