Start a game with controller plugged in and keyboard/mouse controls are unresponsive when you unplug the controller

I got them to work by alt tabbing out and in one time but otherwise I had to close the game with task manager.

This problem comes all the way back to the beta, and still hasn't been addressed.
PLS, fix controller input in the next patch.

I just created an account with this forum to complain about this. I do not want to mess with my computer hardware just to avoid this specific issue with this specific game. Other games detect the input in-use rather than connected. It gives players the ability to switch between keyboard/mouse and gamepad on the fly, and the UI will update accordingly. Why not this one?
If that isn't possible, then at least create a toggle for gamepad on/off so that the UI will only show the keyboard/mouse even when a gamepad is plugged in.