It happened twice in my last game. Haven't played another round since because I don't want it to keep happening. I do not have any third-party apps that would remotely affect this running, and just bought and downloaded it today. Other team was rightfully accusing me of hacking and I was explaining to my team how I was doing it and what was happening.

In the first round (shown in the video), the enemy team was in control of Objective Alpha. In the round after, we were in control of it.

One thing worth noting is that the location I teleported to was almost exactly where I had ended the previous round, which I had gotten to without any glitch. Was in that corner cowering behind the boxes. When I teleported there, I ended up on top of the boxes. Perhaps this has something to do with where I would warp to?

Has this happened to anyone else? This is obviously super game breaking.

I have posted a video of it here: