Make North North!

North being on the right (east) side of the minimap is extremely confusing.
Eventhough some players try to call out the correct direction, others adapt by negating the compass and just calling 'up' north.

  • Complicates communication.
  • Transitioning to other games is difficult (only game that does it)
  • Unrealistic

Please make North North

This phenomenon has been reported a few times in this forum and nothing has changed until today.
I cannot understand that decision from NWI.

Somebody on the NWI developers Team should feel responsible and change that "North side " error !
Each pupil in school learns that on printed maps north is always on the top !

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I agree, the biggest problem is that some ppl call map directions while some call compass directions, makes it a bit confusing

Turning the compass permanently on in the game options helps to overcome the missunderstandings but the direction thing should be done right !

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