Hackers! Hackers! Hackers!

There're already hackers in the game! An in-game report system and new anti-cheat system is urgently needed! Don't let them destroy our game plz
any ID starts with "Q群" and followed with a string of numbers is a hacker.

This is one reason I swear by co-op.

unless they are spin botting, cheating is pretty hard in this game since the only cheats i know of lock onto the head but they don't fully count in weapon sway and the recoil. right now, if the devs put in a kick vote system or a better anti cheat, then we are good. i really hope nwi can add something like vac to easycheat where cheats that have been discovered can be put into the anti cheat engine and if anyone has that cheat runing, the anti cheat will detect it and ban them.

I haven't ran across one yet and I play quite a bit. Hopefully, they can get a handle on it before it gets out of hand.

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I've played ranked games for 31 hours, and I didn't see any hackers.

seen a few. And I am near 200Hours. including alpha. and many many more including old game. they are around.

I already play pretty well and it was during the last week that I came across cheaters.
The game has built-in match history where you can view past matches in the first person opponent. There are people who lead prefire. shoot through the walls knowing seeing your location.
I really would not want this game to become CS GO because of dishonest players.