Did any of you get watersedge (MR EDITION) working?

This map has been converted, and few have gotten it to work.

The day I converted it, it worked. The next day, it didn't.

Any Help is much appreciated.

PM me for the prebuild data.

i just gave it a go, but i keep getting the "files broken or missing" error.

yeah i got it working, but i could only get so far before the memory limit was hit causing a crash. although with any map, if you catch it fast enough you can exit out of the game before it crashes and it will not corrupt the save file.

for a trail map it is pretty nice and has some fairly extreme sections here and there. like i said in my message the other day though, if you are going to keep the logging parts of the map you will need to rework a few trails/roads because they are way too extreme for logging right now.