Where can I report hackers?

I have had several blatant hackers on my team and cannot find out a way to report them. Most recent one's steam ID is here. 76561198876764621

Please send them to us directly for us to send to the team

Could you make a section where you could upload replays and hacker nicknames?

@sabaka34rus The reason they don't have a public area for reporting cheaters is to prevent negative impacts to the community that can occur such as naming and shaming someone who may or may not be cheating.


This may be a closed section for developers only.

Hello all,

Here are the instructions to report hackers.

All rounds played via NWI matchmaking are recorded and stored on our servers, if you encounter a player you suspect of using hacks please grab the replay id of the match from the History section on the main menu and send it to Easy Anti-cheat report system, along with the users SteamID.

How to find a replay ID and Steam ID:
Mouse over the replay, then click “Copy ID” and paste it in your report.
Start the replay, go to scoreboard, then click on the suspected player’s name and “Copy Steam ID”. Then paste it in your report.

If you encounter a player who is exploiting game mechanics to do something that feels unfair to the gameplay (ie spawn camping) please take a screenshot or video along with an explanation of what is happening, and send to support@newworldinteractive.com so that our team can recreate and address the issue.


The information you are providing here should be available in game at some submenu or similar. Not having this essential info in game makes no sense if you want the feature to be used.

How many maps are available is it six? That makes for 12 available spots for spawn camping in regular firefight pvp. Why would you not have an overview of these spawns by now. Posts have been made several times covering this issue, player sevrawr187 YouTube name have been making videos exploiting the same spots when spawn camping for several months, NWI should have the tools and information to fix this by now both by already posted material in forums and YouTube. Encouraging people to mail you info on the spawncamping is wasting the time of NWI staff if they have been in the forum at all.

Btw like both the game and respect the job you are doing. This is meant as constructive critique.