UI Ideas thread (Better late than never)

Hai. Over the course of multiple beta tests I've got a feeling that battle UI is still missing a lot of possible things that might make your game experience more comfortable.
I was trying to hold the concept of less-clicking and more informative UI, like subsystems targeting or getting information from battle overview more quick.

Ship infos ideas:

  • Way to set up your ship behaviour during preparation phase, with stances and moving orders without clicking at each ship individually. It's really boring in 1v1 for me, because you'll have to check again everything, clicking at every ship again.
  • Visible ship class digits, over your/ally/enemy ships (maybe with names) to quickly see with what we're dealing here. This is Imperium/Chaos subfaction thing, because majority of the ships looking similar to eachother, but in fact got different armament setups.
    ***Example of ship names in different places with behaviour setup at the deployment. Yellow name/ranges can be hidden under Alt-button mode (shows more info on the map once active).***
    click to show
  • Way to quickly set up enemy subsystems to target, similar to my way of ship engagement ranges during deployment, but active during whole battle. Because it's ugly to click at every ship individually again. Visible in Alt-mode.
  • Visible criticals for every ship in battle, Alt-mode again. For necrons/tyranids crits might come with repair countdown, visible only to owner and ally (in case 2v2). To know how to focus on one ship, if it's got critted engines. Yep, critted sybsystems are highlighted in alt-mode, but you still need to zoom in.
  • Visible firing ark in Alt-mode for prow firing weapons, if ship you clicked on has it. (torps, exp. railgun, nid ball, nova and more). Right now if you want to land a good shot/salvo, you need to keep clicking between ability (to show targeting ark) and move orders, in case your target is not standing still. Planet Killer got this thing highlighted, for example.
  • Visible distance in numbers for attack and move order, for identification circles around your ship. Visible on chosen ship, with Alt-mode enabled. Can be useful to know distances in a means of skills or microing (know when to jump as necron/pulsar management). Homeworld games for example got map-wide ranges.
    ***NSFW content***
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  • Notification for pulsars/torps being reloaded. With a message similar to ship changing it's identification status maybe. Players requested this feature multiple times already.
  • Different ordnance information. Right now it's simplest icon with big HP bar under it, not really informative. What about this kind of info, from top to bottom:
    When far
    [Type] - Figher/Bomber/Boarding
    [Number of squads] - 1/2/3/4 or 4*6.
    When close.
    [Type] - same
    [Number of squads] - more detailed?
    [HP bar] - Same bar splitted in parts, depending on how much squadrons are alive, with each bar representing remaining fighers in each squadron.
    So intead of what we got right now, we could quickly see how much ordos are incoming, with it's type.
  • Fix missing cooldowns for some skills in tooltips.
  • Some kind of color difference in skills might be also good, big majority of skills buttons are painted blue, thing for ordnance, disengaging and possible even more.

Map and minmap ideas:

  • Add a digit or sign for each capture point. It's really painful in 2v2, where your communication about point strategy is "i'l go for mid-left point/far mid-right point".
  • Icon for every admiral ship on minimap. Most of the time enemy admiral is the most dangerous ship, so you want to know where it is, once it's been identified.
  • Different color for different faction on minimap. Again 2v2 only feature, enemies could be red/dark red, while you/ally would be blue/cyan. Something simple.
  • Incoming ordnance visible on minimap, when it's been spotted by your ships. Some ordos are hard to spot, especially nids. So it forces you to sit in alt-mode to see it on battle map.
  • Visible moving order for ally admiral in 2v2. Might help in cooperation in theory, so you could knew what your dude is planning.
  • Some kind of battle-map markers placed by players. They also might be placed on enemy ship, if you want to focus fire or just dive. Again 2v2 feature, but might help in 1v1 too, if you want to keep an eye on certain ship.

Take a note that this is only my opinion of UI, but again I feel that it's missing a lot of easy-accesible info.

@yolona After every game i had to reaply upgrades/skills, and if i just wanted to go with same build, i hit start button forgeting about it and couple times started without any of upgrades whatsoever. Good touch would be to leave last used build for next game. As for 2v2 it often wouldnt start or even crash game, which is pity, i'm a big fan of that mode.

Yep, forgot to mention that skill picking system might be better. On par with warning about picking skills/upgrades and saving them for each custom fleet, they might be at least highlighted after switching fleet/subfaction, split on groups like first game did or just have a different colors, dependant on subrole of said skill/upgrade. Speaking of last, their icons are not intuitive in most, and in my case I'm still doing a quick descrtiption check for the most of the upgrades, skills too.

Good feedback, hopefully they will pick up some of it and implement it.

I know some UI improvements are coming from another feedback thread and giving the devs more food for thought is a good thing 🙂