This past few days I've encounter a bug which specially affects insurgents when attacking security in Push mode.

It happens that there are some moments that when time is at 0 coincide with the time that insurgents take the objective, so the game understand that Security is the winner faction, but the problem is that the game shows that Insurgents already took the objective, so everyone confuses who wins till we all see that Security had the Victory.

Honestly the game should continue because insurgents took the objective just in the limit of time. However this is going to be at devs consideration, but or one thing or another, I mean, or they took objective or Security won.

This has happened with insurgents attacking only, there is a chance that with security happens the same. I don't know though.

Another consideration is that when attackers are taking the objective and they run out of time, the game should continue till they get it or defenders get the objective totally cleared. In other words, game do not finish untill obj is secured or cleared.