Leveling and Ranking suggestions

I think the overall quality of leveling and Comp Ranking is a disappointment so far. Let me give some brief thoughts.

Have I missed something or is the lev points you get after each match not based on the score you got in game? It's just some random "First game of the day" kinda stuff. I wanna feel that what I performed in the game should be the reward and no other "added" points like if I get 500 in the game I'd like 500+ on my leveling.
I also miss sounds and animations on the "leveling up part" after a game is finished. There's no satisfaction in it now. I'm not saying go full Overwatch but closer to it.

Competitive Ranking.
Same thing here, where is our rank even? Cant' aim towards what I can't see. Also after 10 placement matches and winning 9 of them, I still got teamed up by people who seemed to be playing for the first time...?

Please work on these areas so the satisfaction of ranking and leveling up feels better. Thanks!

I think you get placed with noobs because not a lot of people play comp. You you probably end up in somebody's placing matches.