Practice Range?

I would love to have a practice range in this game. I think it's a must-have, cause the recoil on all of the weapons is different and difficult to handle.

BF5 have a practice range, and it's goooood. Especially with all of the snipers. I suck at sniping and could really practice it a little bit. Can't do it in-game cause I die all the time.

Maybe you guys can make one as well? That would be great!

I would love for a de_train clone. 😃 I was training my aiming and movement on train while playing cs and I want it here too. 😃 Plus would be if we can spawn 20 bots in json mode so we can practice headshots on moving targets.

@sangon. Heck yeah, that would be awesome!

@olyyourfriend It would be good if something like that existed in the main menu, with your party members joining the practice range during match up timer. And you can toggle between 3rd person view to see cosmetics.

@OlyYourFriend @SanGon @io543

This is how you can enter a firing range scenario they have in the game currently:

  1. Click "Local Play" and start whatever map/scenario.

  2. When you spawn in-game, access the admin menu (check your binds from settings, so that you have "admin menu"-key binded)

  3. Select "Levels" --> "Farmhouse" --> "Scenario_farmhouse_range"

There are some target you can shoot, you have extra points to try out different kits. There are two computers that you can use to spawn an enemy squad down the range or a vehicle or a chopper 🙂

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@olyyourfriend said in Practice Range?:

practice range

Along with a "practice range".... it would be great to have a visitor viewing Spectator mode.

Battlefield 4 on the PS4 had a "Spectator Mode", where a non-player could go into an active game room and just watch a game in progress. I loved BF4's Spectator Mode to learn the maps and how players competed in the maps. You could follow one player around as they fought. Or watch two aircraft fight in mid-air as if you were there. Spectator Mode was almost as fun to use as playing the game itself.

A Sandstorm "Spectator Mode" would be outstanding and add a lot to the game!!

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