Please take a look !

Hi there,

I want to thank you for great game, but there is so much things to improve. Here are the few,

1- Make an option to save class in main menu. I mean ppl want to try loadouts, and weapons, throwables if they fit together, and if it is, of course save it, but you can't do it on main menu for now, it sucks. Just like customization, there has to be an option to customize your gear in main menu.
2- Select outfits in-game. This is important because, for example i designed 1 green theme and 1 sand theme outfit for Securities. Before the game starts, you don't know which map will come out. So, you can't actually select the best outfit(mainly camo) for the map. There has to be an option in-game to change appearance.
3- VOTE-KICK. Definetely need this. I don't want to play with AFKs or fucking Observers who runs blindly while i need one to call-out a fire support.

Vote kick, no. But they should make a system that gives you the Punish/Forgive option if you get TKed. At the moment the "return damage to you" isn't very good because sometimes you TK someone by mistake while pushing to capture a point - and if you die because of it the whole push fails. Which is not a good mechanic.