Increase the damage values

Please this has been a problem since the beta. Weapons do NOT deal enough damage.
We fell in love with the old Insurgency, because it wasn't like any other game. Bullets were lethal.

In the old beta thread there was a thread that mentioned the TTK (time to kill).
It's not even balanced as of this moment, since the SCAR-H acts like a 5.56, while it chambers 7.62 with a 20 round mag.
Overall every single weapon needs at least 1 less bullet to kill. The MP7 is unusable with it's pathetic 3 shots TTK to the torso for non-armored persons.

I'm certain I'm not the only one here who fell in love with this game, because of it's realistic damage system, so please fix this. Especially when bots can 1 shot kill you with their cold war era guns with iron sights from 600 meters away at first glance.

I agree. Some weapons should make more damage