Will the final build have Multicam for the Security team? The trailer has the same desert digital pattern as Insurgency, but a recent official screenshot shows Multicam

I’m wondering if the camo in the new trailer is placeholder or if they’re ditching the Multicam we saw in a recent screenshot here: https://assets.rockpapershotgun.com/images//2018/01/insurgency-sandstorm.jpg

I really love the Multicam look and I was hoping we’d move on from desert digital.

@jwaxeman In a previous Q & A stream of sandstorm Michael Tsaroushas or Alex Blonski said that in sandstorm they are planing to do a in-game character customization which may include multiple camouflages OR you will be using the camouflage according to the map (desert map = desert camouflage)

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Customization makes sense. I'm not sure about the camo change per map though, Multicam/Scorpion W2, which the US Army uses (both are quite similar) is designed to be used in both arid and wooded environments.

I'm worried that customization might make it hard to tell friend from foe... like in Source the Insurgents tend to wear darker camo while Security has a lighter desert camo, but if you start allowing Security to use even slightly darker camo or slightly change their silhouette, I think that could cause some balance issues.

I remember in Socom, I used to always choose the T model that wore dark brown headgear instead of the green/red stuff, because when I went prone next to a rock or rubble, I'd blend in really well. Half the time, I think people thought my head was a stone and that little bit of hesitation won me many gunfights.

I'm hoping the customization is limited to smaller stuff like beards and gun camo. It would be badass if I could deck out my M16 with PMAG's and other Magpul type stuff (diff colored rail covers, etc) without needing to resort to mods. Also, other players could see my badass-looking M16 without needing said mods. But I'm guessing that opens a can of worms with trademarks and copyright... not long ago Activision was just sued by AM General over their use of Humvees in the CoD franchise.

Being able to toss on some tan skeleton rail covers, that sorta thing I think is acceptable customization without throwing off game balance. Also, beards would be really awesome.