FPS drops and Choppy/ Jittery feel

The game feels very jittery and unsmooth. i get FPS drops from 144 to 95 fps, especially in busy parts of the map or when i turn around really quick. The only thing that makes the game feel smooth is to lower everything to Low, which no one wants to do. Whats the point of making the game look good if you have to play it on Low, right? I'm sure you guys are working on it, just thought I'd say something. I have a 1080 and i5 8600k OC'd to 4.4 GHz btw.

Im running a gtx 960 and get over 150fps on medium settings. This is not a solution but it may be your comp.

This is a joke right ?
You are complaining about framedrops to 95 fps ?
That still is very smooth gameplay in comparison to many other players who only get 35-45 fps on their minimum level.
I for example have fps drops from 135 down to 82 and the game feels butter smooth.
All my video settings are on low which still looks acceptable.

You should be happy about your fps !

The jittery characters are a result from the actual netcode which should be optimized as soon as possible.
In local play there is no jittery effect on the bots, so it must be the netcode.

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@gsg_9_lightning it's real easy to notice a huge fps drop and it can get irritating in gameplay how is he wrong

Especially with fellas with 144 HZ monitors I can tell their pain

@gsg_9_lightning I wish it were a joke, sometimes I get 180fps too ( with jitters, terrible screen tear)😞 .

I'm running a 144hz monitor, you must have a 60hz monitor. I have tried absolutely EVERYTHING to get the game to smooth out, vsync kinda works but who wants to use that in competition play? no one. I simply don't know what to do. and its defitley not my computer because every other game is fine.
I speak to everyone i play with in-game about jitters/ choppy gameplay/ screen tear and almost everyone with a high refresh rate monitor has some kind of performance issue and frame drop problem.

Dont get me wrong, i love this game, it looks stunning but i wish i could actually enjoy the game NWi worked so hard on.

FPS doesn't seem to mean a lot in this game, and oddly, the more fps, the choppier everything feels (especially while turning or trying to aim). I've enabled Vsync until the developers can figure out what is causing this issue.

The jitter feeling comes from their retarded dead-zone that isn't consistent but slows down your mouse movement in the middle of the movement. Why? Nobody knows but low IQ might or might not be involved.

Welll, the game is still new. I'm sure they are working on optimizing it more. I will wit because i truly love this game