I've had the game since the alpha, and after witnessing the full release, I have a couple things to say.

The launch while great so far I am still having some performance issues on my end.

I personally don't get how I can't run insurgency sandstorm on a i5 6600k 4.5 ghz, 8 GB of DDR4-3000, and a GTX 1070 Ti on the very high preset. Ive found a solution through dynamic shadows and cascaded maps by adjusting their resolution by 256x256, but if I go higher than 512x512 the game tries to kill itself. I know that there are other games UE4 that have better looking shadows than this game.

Even with the solution I've listed above, there are times where the game faces performance hitches and frame drops that can be random. Mostly consistent through fire support.

The performance has improved though, but it's not suitable for a game to have it's optimization similar to a beta. Not even to mention that some of the props in insurgency sandstorm seem to be ported from source or just low resolution in general. I run games like world war 3 and assetto Corsa competizione that run fine but this game I do not understand how the performance works in this game.

Performance issues aside the game is great though I have a few suggestions

-Push spawn objectives are far apart by foot. I think hideout does a good example for objective and spawn placement but for all the other maps it's a long open walk. Remember this is insurgency not squad or RS2. Insurgency is well known for close quarters engagements. I know this is supposed to accommodate for vehicles but vehicles have a really short life span
-game matches are pretty short. The last game had matches that end for 5 rounds for each team trying to win for 3 rounds.
-some of the damage models of the weapons are fucked making them useless in their class. Examples of this are the SCAR in the battle rifle doing the least damage in it's class despite being 7.62x51. FAL and the M14 EBR do like 1-2 shots to kill while the SCAR takes like 3.
-Weird delay when spamming semi auto feeling un natural.

Overall great game but still needs proper fixes. Still feels like the beta.