[Feedback] Craftworld eldar need more ships

Considering the developers have been given creative liberties i think it would only make sense for the craftworld eldar to have a battleship considering every other faction has one. I also think they deserve a larger roster of ships like cruisers and what not. Not that it wasn't fun to play them as they are but it seems like they are lacking in comparison to the other factions.

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The Eldar need more ships period. As I said in the last forum, I realize humans have the most ships for reasons both in-universe (the Imperium spans the galaxy, Chaos has something for everyone) and out (it's easier to think up stuff for your own species), but at least give the aliens some more variety. Furthermore, since the Corsairs are basically pirates and privateers while the Craftworld fleets are the "official" navy of their people and have access to far more resources, I think the Craftworld Eldar should have the ability to field whatever ships the Corsairs can, just with different aesthetics and stats.

Picture a Void Stalker with the smoother hull and curving sails present in Craftworld fleets instead of the ribbed armor and reinforced "skeletons" Corsair sails use. It actually makes sense from a lore perspective and would probably require less work on the devs' part to implement!

Fully Agreed. Eldar need more ships and giving them corsair variants perhaps with different weapon loadouts especially a voidstalker would help a lot.

Also That Phoenix ship is soooo expensive. possibly one of the most expensive cruisers in the game and more expensive than a lot of battleships.

I also want them to have more ships. Was surprised the Craftworld Eldar did not get there Wyrm Class Battleship and Void Dragon class Grand Cruiser., thoes two would make the Craftworld Eldar more fun

Thinking Tindalos are keeping some eldar ships for an Eldar campaign DLC. They said they want to make an Eldar Campaign at some point