Improper level and XP

in home screen my it shows me at lvl 14 but when i am in a game it shows me typically a lvl and a half higher. This has been going on sense the start of beta 1. Also, I will play a game of push or scirmish and i will only recieve around 280 XP for time played when previous games would give me upwards of 2800-3500. it seems the low XP is random

Your level was reset before the launch of Insurgency: Sandstorm, has this affected the issue at all?

This happens to me, too. My level on the server player list is always one higher than in the main menu. I'm not 100% sure but I think it also happened during the beta.

I haven't seen any abnormal XP gains, playing only Checkpoint. Although, I once got only 15XP but I only joined the game near the end, got a kill, died and won the match.

@iyagovos No.This has been a recurring issue sense beta 1. I was reset twice throughout the beta phase as with everyone else but each time i end up being a level higher in game then what it says at home screen. Thanks for the community support!

Alrighty, I'll pass it along to the team. Thank you!

Same here, has been that way since alpha. Always one level higher inside server. It's as if the default level 1 in custom servers is added to the total or something.

Hi all,

Could you please DM me your Steam IDs? I'll pass this along for the team to investigate

yup me to and post summary report doesn't calculate exp correctly. Il be 3/4 through a level lets say close 5 after the post summary but when u go to ur profile ur level 5 which is the correct amount.

This might be related or maybe it should be reported as a separate issue:

Earlier today I played a match that went well and quit the game after. The next time I launched the game and queued for a match I got put into a match where the players were defending the last objective. We won the round but I didn't even get to spawn. In the match results screen I got the exact same results as the last time I was playing and my XP bar went up accordingly.

@qazsernos I haven't had the chance to test since the release but previously it was just a "replay" of the last match that you completed and you did not receive any additional experience.