guys after the final update, (complete realse) im having REALLY BAD FRAME RATES AND THE GAME GETS STUCK, it didnt crash or nothing like, but after a minute it comes back up and i can play..(WELL PLAY... HARDLY), but i dont know what happend, the game on its BETA version worked better than the last update or final realise version,.
like when u changed the engine or updated. the game got very unstable and laggy (FOR ME AGAIN, i dont realy know if there is someone how its having same issue than me)
sad.. i was realy anxious for the final realise of this game to start my hard-core playing, but the game in this state its unplayabe... or unlist to me,
HADWARE: RX470 4GB, AMD Ryzen 4 1400 @3.4, 16GB RAM, 500GB HDD,
Software: Windows 10 Home 64bits.
Regards, and thanks for reading

I've been having issues after the full release too, ran fine during the beta now the game randomly crashes. I'm also using an AMD Ryzen CPU.

I've got a ryzen 5 1600 and the same happened to me. However I found a fix that hopefully will help you guys as well. Set texture pool to low shadows to low as well. I will check my settings and post detailed pics tomorrow.

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You should also notice the new option "keep rendered textures" on bottom of video settings which should be set to off.