Ship sections prioritizing

The current method of targeting engines, weapons, decks and generators could do with some intuitive changes that would easily improve how we wage war. Having to individually click on each enemy ship or blip takes is repetitive and time consuming. We may not even have the chance to do it on newly-discovered ships in the middle of a battle, especially if the opponent has taken a build with a large amount of smaller ships that can run silent, and spread them out around the battlefield. I would prefer some submenu or part of the UI where we could tell all our our ships to begin targeting a particular section, similar to how we can set auto-engage and engagement ranges.

+1 to this
somekind of standardized first target
tho keep the current system as a higher priority target incase you need to take something down on a specific ship

it would help a lot

a "default system target" selection on the deploy screen that would apply to all enemy ships unless manually changed would be ideal.

This should be on of the basic things you can choose before starting a match, like facing and engagement range, but you can’t do that either while you could in 1.

It would also make sense if our ships could focus on the turrets as sections of enemy ships. Right now it seems the only way of specifically targeting enemy turrets is just to send out our fighters.