Lots of Hackers

Just wanted to mention that. Catching lot's of cheaters right now. Easy Anti Cheat is the cheapo solution man. That is a band aid for a buzz saw kinda thing.

If you do a quick google search, there are indeed people making hacks for this game, and if they exist and those communities are discussing them (I like to research my enemies, them being "hackers," in this context), people are using them at length.

I haven't come by any hackers yet, but I'll look for it. Throughout Beta and Alpha, I haven't come by it. Usually I just see comp players from the last game crapping on everyone.

Hi there,

Should you see any hackers, please make sure you report them through EasyAntiCheat. Providing us with video evidence of hackers would also be useful.

lol why do people cheat in a casual game like this one.

I haven't seen hackers, but some people really enjoy exploiting.