A couple of inventory bugs

Gagdet cycling is broken: if you want to go to the third explosive using the keyboard shortcut (default 3), mashing it makes you cycle through each explosive (pull it out, put it away, repeat for the next explosive), whereas you can go straight to the third explosive using mousewheel. It wasn't like this until the pre-launch patch. Also it makes picking things off the ground annoying too because you have to pull it out and then put it back, unless you fling the mousewheel back to the thing you wanted equipped, whereas before if I wanted to keep my primary out but pickup something like an RPG I could just mash 1 while picking it up to 'pull out my primary' again.

Holding a throwable gadget and then opening the comms menu still causes the gadget to be thrown the moment the comms menu is pulled up.

Edit: Also hitting "reset to defaults" on the key binds applies the default key binds instantly. If you accidentally click it (or if i wanted to see what the default was but not actually use default binds such as in this post for selecting explosives), then you cannot undo it or have a prompt to confirm the reset.

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I've killed myself a couple of times picking up RPGs of fallen enemies and later when I just wanted an incendiary grenade, I've found myself blown up by it. Instead of the nade I find the RPG in my hand and by the time you realise this, you have already "thrown" that "nade", or rather blown yourself into smithereens. In the heat of the game, you don't have time to cycle between gadgets. Another thing, which detracts from illusion of realism in this game. In real life, you would reach for the nade, not go through your inventory items one by one.... this would be insane. If you don't redo this broken mechanics, then at least make it so, that picked up items don't replace items in the inventory roster, aka if I have 1 incendiary allotted, then by the time I'd use it, the first item will be this, and the second selectable item is whatever I salvaged after fight.

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