Wishes for the future!

I dont know if that would be possible someday but a smoke effect like the following would be very very cool!

I know the current priorities is the game performance but for the future I would like a better smoke effect and some night maps!

Youtube Video

Night maps with night vision and torches are already confirmed !

I also would like to see better smoke, but let's be honest. Gameworks is just too much to ask performance-wise, and since it's an option, it would divide players. You know, make them not see the same things, which could lead to unfair advantages or handicaps.

The video above is just an example. There are lots of different ways to make good smoke.

Indeed. Current smoke is quite ugly, tbh. It could use a little redesign.

Even not talking about gameworks fluid physics simulated smoke, "vanilla" volumetric smoke would be ideal, but also would be a huge performance hit. I think smoke needs to be reworked somehow anyway. I doesn't look any better than Ins2's smoke effect, but is quite more glitchy atm.

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