Hi devs !

As I was playing today, I noticed that bots manning a technical mounted MG were still see-through walls and smoke terminators. I was on A, Summit, Insurgent side, and that techie pinned me with lazer accuracy through mortar smoke. I tried to go to the other side of the crates I was hiding behind, and the guy just instantly reacted to my new placement and killed me. The bots' reaction time when using MGs (even when they're not using MGs, sometimes, but hey) is inhumanly low.

I thought a good solution for this would be to add some inertia to the mounted MGs' movements. Like a delay between the moment we move the mouse and the moment the canon aligns properly. These are heavy guns, and atm you can just do 180° turns back and forth without anything to slow you down. Bots especially should suffer from that, or their reaction time/accuracy should be lowered.

Also, on the same spot, I caught a grenade right on the face (it even hurt me, with a hit marker and all) several times, which show how much bots are professional basketball players more than soldiers. They need to act more naturally when it comes to grenades too, imo.

ATM, bots can be a bit retarded (stuck on the truck at the begining or an ennemy next to you not reacting to your presence) or absolute unstoppable killing machines. They definitely need more tweaking !

Thank you 🙂

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