Recover lost map


I created a map, I uploaded it to the workshop, until there is everything right.
My hard drive failed, I lost everything I had, unrecoverable.
Now I want to edit that map, but I have nothing left of it.
The only thing I have achieved is to download a in which when I put it to the editor I can see my map, but I can not interact with anything from it, if I click on "Build" everything disappears, since there is no reference .xml.

Any solution?

No solution that I know of. Had a similar issue (accidentally deleted the .XML) and never found a solution. At least your map was on the workshop though. Mine is gone completely and forever since I never got the chance to release it.


Wrong 😕

I do not understand why this Steam Cloud is in the editor if it does not save anything useful.
By the way, when I do maps, the first thing is to upload it to the Workshop, I leave it in "Private" visibility, and besides being able to test it continuously, it keeps all the versions that you update. When you consider that it is finished, you only have to change the visibility to "Public".

My issue happened just before the workshop was available. :disappointed_but_relieved_face:

there is a way to get certain things back. You can recover your heightmap and all the models/placements You can recover mud information and material information. You cant recover any plants or distributions, or water.

@roughrider you beat me to it man I was gonna say the same, 2 of my released maps were recovered maps I lost in the past but like you said all the plants and distributions were gone so i had to re-do it all but no big deal gives you a chance to tweak and update at the same time.

@picsoul Yes. Message me for details.

Well, I don't know what changed but using the same process I've tried before I was finally able to recover my long lost map. Now I just need to add some things back in that it could not recover. 😄