Seriously, fix the nade and molotov spam or simply remove it all from COOP. I am fine with bots throwing nades but its getting silly. I was sweeping a room and ahhh look a molotov at my feet through a window. I was in a team of 8 and 4 of us died from molotovs. It really isnt an acceptable gameplay mechanic.

I agree on the fact that they are way too accurate with their throws.
I however think the frequence at which they use nades/molotovs is good as it is now. That pinpoint accuracy needs to be tweaked badly, though.

I was on hideout, defending A as security forces. I'm up on the top looking out at the oncoming wave, and i count SIX molotovs in the air. All the bots ran the same route on the way up to the house, and all threw at the exact same location....so there was an arcing stream of fire heading towards us. Each one was maybe spaced out half a foot apart? But all followed the EXACT same trajectory into the bottom doorway. It was the best moment I've seen yet of this ludicrous bullshit. I would have gone back and captured it, but it was on custom servers 😞