Remove or Nerf Damage Reflection

In the 38 and rising hours I've played since beta, I've never seen the damage reflection feature do its intended job as opposed to punishing people for their teammates actions. I understand that it tries works as an Anti-Griefing measure, but it does far more harm than good- Killing people because teammates wouldn't listen to them say that a grenade was thrown or that a bomb was planted, or because a teammate decided to walk into a molotov or m14 that had been burning off. It feels like a complete downgrade to the old vote kick/3 kills = kick system with no noticeable benefits. Maybe nerf it so that if a incendiary grenade had been burning for a certain amount of time, a grenade or bomb had been on the ground for a certain amount of time, or teammates wouldn't mask up after a chem strike was called in, damage done wouldn't be reflected?

Just remove it completely. It's such a nuisance getting punished to the highest degree for accidents or other peoples mistakes. Sure, griefers get punished, but regular players getting punished is stupid. And griefers can just abuse this system and willingly walk into your fire. It's funny cause it should prevent exatly that. Another reason this doesn't work.

I love the devs, but this is just absurd. A voting system or a forgive system like in the Rising Storm series is needed, in my opinion. Maybe give a point punishment until the victim forgives you or something. And deal with griefers the old fashioned way. voting.

Will not be gone too soon.