Insurgency - TDM?

I don't know much about the game and am looking into it. Looks like a very cool & intense game.
I'm watching Dr Disrespect and watched the last few minutes of the focushomeinteractive live stream about the game.

I was wondering if the game has or will ever implement a team death match game mode.

There was talk about BR but as one of the developers said that was not their current goal.

I hope there is a TDM.
Just curious.

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Honestly, I would play it! I would play that and competitive 5on5 :).

According to mikee the game will not be having a TDM gamemode simply because it doesnt fit their style but if you have any cool ideas the devs will look into em ๐Ÿ™‚

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Where do we send these ideas?

Im very new here but have seen an abundance of posts asking for new game modes and not many replies from any devs at all.

Seems like everyone wants the same thing but is it falling on deaf ears?

@suade There used to be a bit more communication in the beta days but it still wasnโ€™t a ton mostly just the mods were a little more vocal. That had all dried up for the most part although I have been replied to and seen a few replies from a few mods as of recent so it seems to have picked up even if just a little. I have been told on several occasions that the devs read everything put in these forums I can not state that this is actually true but all I can say is if it has been posted especially more than once than either they have read it and they donโ€™t see it working in the game or they may try to fit it in at some point in time that is all I can tell you but hey keep posting and making new topics if you want them seen. I suggest Insurgency>General Discussion for suggestions and ideas and >Technical Feedback for issues/problems. Hope that was any help!

I'm fond of death matches, so I'd definitely play it)

why is the arena so small ? you cant even get onto the construction areas without being out of the zone and its already at the edge of the fucking map. who the fuck is coming up with this shit ? ricochet fatigue ๐Ÿ˜ž let me hear there guns over that disgusting fucking noise.