IN Feedback

Greetings Admirals

I normally main Imperial Navy, but often times it just feels like abuse. Often times it feels like you can't take a hit, but almost all the time it feels like you can't hit back at all. Macro weaponry is incredibly ineffective at the moment. Getting point black is often the best way to employ macros, but usually it is either suicide, or you will never get the chance. 8000 units and beyond, macro fire just tickles the enemy. Often time factions that have no right surviving in close combat end up victorious in an area the IN is supposed to be proficient in. The same damage models, combined with the massive health and armor increases across the board mean the IN is lackluster in it's damage potential at best

I believe that the IN needs a macro buff across the board.

i managed to go 70(approx)-5 in 1v1 with macro IN so I don't agree with this. What build were you running and what tactics did you employ? In are solid right being high tier but not over performing, only really struggling against things that are themselves over performing.

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