My Thoughts So Far...

I've enjoyed playing Chaos this test, and I feel like they have options as to what they do. However the lock on nerf, and reload not working with lances does hinder them quite a bit against more tanky factions.

Loving the new fighter/bomber recharge ability. However I would like to know how big a stack is when it's on the map. If I launch from a single bay or a ship with more bays only a single marker/wing appears. This makes it hard to determine what size the fighter/bomber/assault wing is, and thus you can't make an informed choice about how you respond.

Reload does not seem to work with lances. With macros you see the reload speed drop when in this stance, as with range and lock on. However when using lances the reload speed does not change with reload stance.

Necron jump and bomb. This is so fucking broken it's not funny. I played with a pair of Cairns using this, and won every match whilst giggling like an idiot. Without it, boarding fucks the Necrons over every game. Remove starpulse and buff their health/troops to make them a threat.

Dark Eldar, the most boring faction in the game. So boring it's not fun to play against them. I had a go with them, and yes it's fun to be them and to play a civil war with them, however whenever I played against them as any other faction it was super boring.

Tyranids. Not sure about these guys, I found them relaxing to play as. When playing against them I abused the shit out of scuttle to wipe them out. If scuttle gets nerfed (which it should), I'm not sure how the 'nids will fare or what they will need.

Imps and Admec were a lot of fun, however the 3 shot torps are just a joke. I played a lot of Imp in the first game and ran torp heavy. There they could be used to both herd ships and do damage. Here they are just some pretty graphics that do fuck all. Torps are utter garbage tier and a waste of points. That brings me to Nova Cannons. They are Godly when used correctly and make the Admec faction shine. I think they're in a good place.

I never touch the Smurfs as I just could not figure out what to do with them. They are just bad on paper, and when I did fight against them they never provided any level of challenge.

I think Eldar are in a good place. They can hurt, yet are punished hard for their mistakes. I can see a very good Eldar player dominate with ease.

Tau are not the OP faction they once were, I found I had good games against them regardless of the faction I was playing. I did only play a few games as Tau.

Orks. OMFG, what a giggle. Loved playing these guys, and just rolled over anyone and anything that came my way. I think due to cap points that Orks are very strong if played right, however like Eldar Orks will get punished for mistakes although not to the same harshness as Eldar.

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To add. Please stop escorts from being able to cap, and then reduce their cost to compensate.

Reload does not affect lances and strike craft blips should say how many squads there are (and maybe how much max damage/boarding they can do)

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