Lost connection to server

Hey, so I made a post about this quite a few months ago and my post didn't get any traction, and I assumed it would get fixed sometime during the beta and that I could play at launch.

Turns out that was a fucking lie, it happened the first round after launch.

Let me explain the issue:

I randomly get kicked from the server while in a round with the message: ''Lost connection to server''
No warnings, no lag, no high ping, nothing. It just randomly happens, about 65% of rounds I play.
I don't get this issue in any other game.

I don't know what to do anymore, I have reinstalled, restarted and verified files several times, nothing has worked.

I love this game, but i cannot enjoy it when shit like this happens.

Please just help.

I have the same problem. You can play on dedicated servers without lost connection problems, but you don't get any experience points.

Losing connection like that is mainly caused either by your network not being stable or when the server freezes/crashes.

If it happens during specific trigger like interaction (opening/breaching doors, vaulting, entering a car seat, etc.) then the server kicks you out due to failed validation.
This happens when you are desynced from the server, which again is caused by unstable network connection.

So, what do I do? This issue is completely unique to Sandstorm, I have never encountered it in an Unreal or an EAC game. Are you saying that I can't do anything about it?