2v2 issues

First of all - i liked the multiplayer in beta. BUT I am mostly 2v2 player and from what I seen there are many players around, who play 2v2 mod. So it wasnt best experience to see so many 2v2 games crushed. For exapmle it wouldnt load, game would die loading, error messages, instant victory/deafeat at the start and more rarely game started lagging hard in a midst of battle, i asked if it was just me but turned out it wasnt. Please make your efforts and fix 2v2 because now it seems broken to the point when you simply turn game off and wonder if you'd have to refund it. P.S. English is not my first language, apologises for misstakes.

Its bit an issue with 2v2 in and of itself, but the games stability. With 4 people involved its easier to have a problem somewhere. As soon as one person crashes or loses connection its an instant defeat for that team.

It also doesnt help that you always lose your party after a game, but it doesnt always tell you that. So you can queue up for a battle without actually having a second person.

@karaya-1 Possibly. But i never had any of those in 1v1.