A bit more cosmetics options for Insurgents

Hi devs !

Now that eastern europeans are a thing on the insurgents' side, I think it's time to offer more options to help differentiate them from middle-eastern insurgents. The most needed items would be headgear and torso, imo. I'd love to see leather jackets, or armless vests (as long as it fits in the Insurgents' clothing style, of course). Even rolled hoodies (why did the black hoodie got deleted, btw ? Too dark ?). Overall, maybe a bit more camo stuff, as long as it's in no way similar to what Security guys and girls have.

What do you people think about that ?...

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Honestly for insurgents (although I don't even play them) the only thing I miss are black tops with beige pants, so I can make my haji character look like an ISIS fighter lol